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Our Portable Easel and Tray make a instant art space art home or on your travels. These are handmade by my dad and are the perfect solid portable easels found nowhere else but @littleartbigart! I've had my studio set for 5 years and the only difference is...they are colourful! They have had paint sprayed and spilled all over them but they are still sturdy as because if their strong materials-marine ply board!


The EASEL has a carry handle, are lightweight and has a ledge to support paper, a canvas or 55mm 3D creation. You can fit A3 paper comfortably on them as the creating space is 405mm wide x 425mm high. They stand 540mm high (that's creating space plus legs) and open between 340-400mm. They are two sided so two Artists can create at once. The creating board is marine ply wood (what they use to make wooden boats) so watercolour, like how we do it in the studio, can drench the easel and it's will last just like my set continues to.


The TRAY is a versatile companion to the easel. I use it in several ways.

1) It sits under my easels with paper stored in the middle and drawing, paint or art supplies at the front.

2) I use it for creative play. Our $5 grass mats fit in the middle and create a lovely garden set up. I do have only 3 sensory and creative play tubs left until I get more made. These featured in yesterday's post.

3) I do use the tray as a sensory tray to keep kinetic sand and tools in.


Our Portable easel and tray is sold together for $105 or can be bought separately. Just an easel $85

Just a tray $35


THIS PRODUCT CAN BE SHIPPED BUT REQUIRES A COURIER DUE RO THE SIZE. Please email us first to get a quote of shipping cost before ordering. Local delivery and store pick up welcome.


PriceFrom $35.00
GST Included
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