‘To be an artist is to believe in life.’ - Henry Moore

Rachael Morris


Rachael, the founder and teacher behind Little Art Big Art is more than an enthusiastic artist and creator herself. She is a passionate teacher, a highly experienced Art & Student Wellbeing Educational Consultant,  published Illustrator and caring mum who just can’t get enough of creating and teaching. With over 20 years of educational experience, Rachael shares more than just art skills with her artists, she encourages positive mindsets and a 'You Can Do It' attitude that encourages artists to take risks through their creating. 



Rachael holds a Masters of Education (PREP-YR 12) and a wealth of professional development within the arts and NDIS. Her Masters of Education and hands on experience as a mum means Rachael understands the importance of providing a nurturing learning environment. One that encourages risk taking but fosters a love for imagining and creating. 


After teaching for 20 years within the school environment, Rachael now works full time in her studio supporting children of all ages as well as teens and adults within the arts industry and also those with NDIS needs. She works closely with her local council, Hobson Bay City Council, well as providing services for many schools, organisations and families. 

Little Art Big Art - Tiny Artists
Little Art Big Art - Rachael Morris Exhi





Our art classes have been recognised to do exactly that and more! 

Encourage little or big students to use their own imagination, to explore and create artworks that we can all celebrate; 

Understand the importance of the art process rather than the finished artwork; 

Develop creative thinking, inventiveness, problem solving skills and a positive attitude towards learning; 

Improve fine motor and gross motor developement;

Build confidence, self esteem, perserverence and resilience;

Improve concentration, language and vocabulary skills; and have fun! 


Each class is planned by highly qualified teacher and professional artist, Rachael Morris. Rachael believes in open-ended art projects that nuture an understanding and love for the "process" of art, because what we create can always be celebrated. Our small class sizes allow us to give attention to the individual needs of each artist. 



Just like a school, you investigate and want to know what builds a good school. This is what Little Art Big Art is built on!

our mission and our values

At Little Art Big Art we offer a range of professionally planned art classes for all ages. Each art program is designed to capture imagination, encourage exploration and confidently create. 


Therefore our mission is to IMAGINE, CREATE & CELEBRATE. 


With her Masters of Education degree behind her, Rachael understands and values the importance of providing a nurturing learning environment for students, and one that encourages children and adults to take risks in order to be themselves.


Together with her team of highly qualified professional teachers and artists, Rachael is passionate about sharing as much art love as she can with her community.  So you'll find Little Art Big Art at many events offering free workshops and auction pieces as we aim to spread the joy of art and creating to all we meet. 




To promote each child’s love for art and unique expression, Little Art Big Art believes it is important to:


  • Encourage artistic freedom and independence in order for each child to make their own creative choices;

  • Encourage students to work at their own pace;

  • Understand the importance of the process rather than the finished artwork;

  • Explore the big wide world of art, art materials and art techniques;

  • Have FUN!


Regardless of the project, materials or art mediums presented, artists may be given suggested topics and techniques to help stimulate their imagination and help them to visualise their ideas. Students are not given prescribed procedures or examples to copy as this can inhibit self-expression and lead to a frustrating urge for perfection in the child. We strive to stimulate their thoughts, feelings, and perception in a way that inspires and encourages each child to express their ideas visually, while offering guidance during the creative process as needed.

At Little Art Big Art we aim to enhance:




  • Fine & gross motor skill development

  • Attention to detail

  • Self expression

  • Visual-spatial skills

  • Increased self-confidence "I CAN DO IT"

  • Problem Solving

  • Resilience & Perserverence

  • Social interaction

  • FUN!


Past Exhibition



The Tiny & Studio Artists exhibition is a snap shot of some the Term One artworks produced by the Tiny Artists 1-5 years and the Studio Artists 5-12 years who attend LITTLE ART BIG ART classes. 


Artist and teacher Rachael Morris stands by her mission of IMAGINE, CREATE, CELEBRATE when it comes to teaching art. She encourages the all her little and big artists to create artworks through using their vivid imagination and the exploration of the various art mediums presented. 


EXHIBITING AT: Stepping Stones Cafe, 27 Schutt Street, Newport. June 27th - July 17th



Showcased artworks completed by the Tiny Artist 1-5 years, Small Artists 3-5 years, Studio Artists 5-12 years and Adult Workshop during Term 1, 2016



Showcased artworks completed by the Tiny Artist 1-5 years and the Studio Artists 5-12 years during Term 2, 2015

Rachael's 'A TOUCH OF RAINBOW' Exhibition showcased her collection of colourfaul watercolour artworks. All artworks were sold and more created! Due to their popularity, Waffee would invited Rachael to continue exhibiting her artworks in their Altona branch. 


The TINYT ARTISTS Exhibition was the result of Rachael and Jacqui’s journey and partnership. The project comprised of artworks produced by the talented little artists and photographic images by Jacqui. The two elements encapsulated Rachael’s art philosophy that, ‘Art is about being a free creative soul’. Both Rachael and Jacqui love art and believe strongly in supporting and inspiring children to be creative.