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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an insurance scheme that is aimed at providing long-term support to Australians with a disability, their families and carers. 

Rachael is a current registered teacher (Masters of Education) with over 20 years of teaching and working with people of all needs. At her studio, many families have engaged in her art classes through their NDIS plan or other services such as private home support or art therapy.

  • Funding can be used for art programs, art supplies and support depending on the individuals plan.

  • Rachael does offer "support" for NDIS participants in addition to our Art programs.

  • You need to check your plan if self managed to see what is funded.

  • If Plan Managed, please get in touch with your plan manager to see if classes, support, supplies or art therapy is approved

  • PLEASE note, we do not authorise the approval (please see details below)

  • If your child requires support, you can send in your support worker with them (we do require paper work and have to authorise this first so please ensure you discuss this with us) or we will assign a support teacher.

  • Please note, that if we feel your child requires a support teacher, we will discuss this with you as we need to ensure the class runs smoothly for teachers and all participants enrolled. Any support teacher we provide is an additional fee and this can be covered by your NDIS depending on the individuals plan. Alternatively, you can book private classes.

Self managed families, Care providers, Plan managers are able to book in for our Little Art Big Art programs. Please ensure you follow the steps below:

  1. Process the enrolment form and complete the NDIS section.  

  2. Select IN PERSON payment so we can send through an invoice with all the appropriate details.

A progress report or supporting document can be issue if you require one. 

Please note that an administration fee is applied. If you choose to pay online, and request a receipt, an administration fee will still apply. 


For any enquiries please contact us and if you would like to discuss over the phone, ensure you leave a phone number so we can call you. 

From Rachael: Over my 20 years of teaching, I have taught many students, written over 1000's of Individual Learning Plans and completed 100's of reports for funding renewal etc, so I do have extensive know and training in various areas. However, I am no expert, and each person is different. My passion when teaching is helping each child achieve their best and supporting them in their learning. I am a strong believer in helping children develop an “I Can Do It" attitude and encourage positive mindsets throughout my teaching. 


National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Changes 2024 

The NDIA have announced that moving forward they are going to be checking all payments more closely which means that invoices will take a little longer to be approved and paid as they need to be approved by NDIA. NDIA will assess the invoice to ensure all details have been submitted. In cases where invoices are identified as potentially non-compliant, the NDIA may request additional documentation which could delaying approval times by up to 10 days. So it is important that you fill out all the enrolment fields so your invoice can be processed and approved. 

What information does NDIA require? 

Every invoice must includes the following information. This information is supplied by you the parent/guardian ​

  • NDIS participant name

  • NDIS number

  • Support start and end date

  • Service date

  • Details of the NDIS services provided

  • NDIS line item code

What details do we as a business need to provide:

  • Business name and ABN

  • Business address

  • Billing contact details – name, phone number and email address

  • A unique invoice number

  • Invoice date

  • Bank details for payment  

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