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At Little Art Big Art, we are always CELEBRATING!

Need to add a bit of Art fun to your Community EventCorporate eventfunction or launch?

Or to make a holiday event extra special

We can create a package which is IMAGINATIVE and CREATIVE to help you CELEBRATE in style.

Our workshops include all materials and resources you need, and our team of professional educators, experienced facilitators, and contemporary Australian artists to ensure our program remains effective and relevant.

We provide everything needed to create your art with such as paints, pencils, canvas, paper etc

If you are booking in for a studio event, we do have some added extras you can request. 

 We do have set packages we can send you if you are just after an engaging event, team building activity or activation workshop.

Customised and tailored packages require planning and quoted accordingly.

Participation numbers are required. 

*Prices vary depending on your specific requirements *A travel fee may apply 

We hold current WWC (or some artists are registered teachers!), and also hold public liability certificates. 

If you wish to book Little Art Big Art for your next event, please complete the Events & Mobile Services Form with as much detail as possible. We will send you a detailed and tailored package to suit your requirements. 

To find our where we will be popping up next, click here for our CURRENT EVENT PROGRAM 

External workshops with Little Art Big Art

Rachael is a highly qualified teacher (Masters Of Education - Wellbeing) who has extensive experience in managing large crowds whilst sharing a fun engaging stall for the community to enjoy.

We have hosted over 100's of community events across Melbourne setting up our mobile art services to cater for your event request. From Chinese New Year & Diwali celebrations, to sporting clubs and local festivals, we create activities for all ages to enjoy. 


Pacific Werribee Little Art Big Art

Over the years we have worked with Highpoint Shopping Centre and Westfields Shopping Centre to spark some fun to the weekly shop!


We have a great team who come in, set up and engage with shoppers offering inspiring art workshops that sees many families returning on a regular basis. 


Face Painting with Little Art Big Art

We don't just do face painting for parties and kids, we do face painting for any event!

Perhaps it's a shoe launch (yes, we have done that), or maybe it's a Sporting Club celebration, a Halloween or Christmas event, or you are after a Glow in the Dark face paint...

Let us know as we can tailor our face painting designs to match!

Why not add an art crafting table to the event to help with the lines whilst you are at it?

Prices start at $100 for 1 hour

*Customised designs require planning and practise time and quoted accordingly

*Some of our Party Extras can be added to your mobile Face Paint event: Party Bags, Games, Hire Items

Little Art Big Art Family Create

Get ready for an exciting family bonding experience with our Family Create session!


From the youngest to the oldest, everyone can unleash their creativity together.

We can customise the session to reflect your family's interests! Perhaps it's painting or sculpting the family pet or making a large family canvas, you might like to hand build a set of plates or maybe you just want to unleash in our Glow In The Dark Splatter room!   

Join us at our colorful and inspiring studio or let us come to you for a memorable time!


Rachael has a Masters of Eduction (Student Wellbeing, Bachelor Education P-12, Bachelor of Arts) degree and a practising artist with a focus on textiles, mixed media and watercolours.

Rachael is an educator (current VIT registration), consultant and workshop facilitator whose passion is for sharing art experience to all ages and abilities


When running a workshop, Rachael’s focus is to encourage participants to discover how art materials work in order to create magical results not matter what skill set you have, and explore new ways of creating!

Little Art Big Art

Unite your team and forge stronger relationships with our corporate team-building events. Experience unique corporate art experiences tailored to meet your business objectives and inspire your team.

Interact with colleagues in a creative, entertaining, and relaxed environment, designed to facilitate teamwork and encourage creative thinking. Engage in hands-on art activities such as printmaking, painting, and mixed media, fostering collaboration and unleashing creativity among your team members. Others engaging topics include: Paint Your Colleague, Picasso Your Colleagues, Mural Mandala, Jigsaw Art, Ink Flow Collaborate

Events with Little Art Big Art

Our Wellbeing workshops provide a hands-on art experience, aimed at enhancing creativity, fostering positive workplace relationships, and improving organisational culture.

Through group teamwork and guided instruction, participants develop deeper connections within their team, nurture bonds between members, and enhance critical and creative thinking skills. Our workshops also encourage individuals to express their individuality, fostering meaningful connections between all participants. 

*Our popular packages include Chill and Create, Mindful Watercolour, Abstract Canvas, Calming Clay, Collaged Vision Boards, & Visual Vision and Mission Statements. 

Little Art Big Art - Mixed Media Club

Enhance your curriculum and inspire creativity with our popular Artist In Residence Program, perfect for Child Care Centres, Schools, and Universities. Led by Rachael, an experienced Primary School Art teacher and accomplished artist, this program offers a diverse range of art experiences tailored to complement your educational needs.


Sessions can vary from once off workshops to weekly/termly blocks. Our art programs cover a range of art mediums such as Mosaics, Watercolour, Acrylic Painting, Clay Sculpting (air drying and kiln), Ink Art, Collage, Print Making, Textiles and Weaving, Drawing, and much more.


For Kindergartens and Child Care centres, our popular Tiny and Kinder Artist program in a hit! The possibilities are endless!

Little Art Big Art - events

Are you new or returning to the art room teaching role? Our hands on teacher induction program is designed to support and provide practical methods of teaching and planning a Visual (or Visual Mindful) Arts Program.


You will be shown practical curriculum planning, classroom set up, lesson approaches, transitional change overs to avoid classroom chaos and mess, understanding what process art is and much more.


On site teaching and in studio sessions are offered. 

Little Art Big Art - events

Don’t have a specialist Visual Arts teacher?


This program helps all teachers and leaders understand how to implement visual arts learning across the curriculum ensuring teachers are sharing experiences in Print Making, Drawing, Painting, Construction, Modelling, Collage, Textile and Art Appreciation and how this looks in your planning. 

Conference presentation Rachael Morris

Rachael offers a range of presentations including (but not limited to):

What is process art and how do we implement it? 

What is Sensory Art and how do we implement it? 

What is Mindful Art Creating? 

What is the impact of Visual Arts on a students overall learning?

What are the benefits of Visual Art?

How can Visual Arts benefit a persons with individual needs?  

Past Conference presentations include 

Explore Create Empower - Discovery Based Inquiry Art - Deborah Vietri 2019

Benefits of Sensory Art - Australian Nanny Association Conference 2018

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