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Just like a Toy Library, we have introduced our latest art option



These Kits take our studio creating to your house. All items are washable and come with a great big Blue Tub to creating in and clean in!

Hire Kits Little Art Big Art

What is Creative Art Kit Hire?

Our Little Art Big Art Creative Art Kit Hire gives parents and carers the option to borrow a range of educational and fun art materials on a regular basis, just like books from a library. Our Creative Art Kits cater for 10 years and under. However, children of all ages are welcomed to borrow any kits as the creative journey is open to the imagination and process driven, something school aged kids miss.

How does the Creative Art Kit Hire system work?

Our kits have been put together by qualified teacher Rachael Morris. Some kits are theme based, some kits are more open ended. Each kit has a range of washable art tools that can be used in a range of different ways, a list of suggested activities you can do and colouring/painting sheets. Depending on the cycle option you chose to join, you will also receive essential materials (like paint, water beads, kinetic sand) to keep but to ensure you can enjoy the full art experience at home. This cost ranges between $10-$25, this is not an additional fee but part of the borrowing fee. Each kit is hired for a 7 day period. Each kit is totally washable!


What are the benefits of the Creative Art Kit Hire? 

My aim is to support families in the local community by providing access to a wide range of high quality and varied art materials at an affordable price. Quality art materials can be expensive, children can become disengaged or  ‘bored’ with their supplies, and parents can become overwhelmed with storage options - if you have seen my studio you’ll understand how much variety I have - and it just keeps growing! By providing new creative materials regularly, means parents can save money, avoid clutter and landfill, and positively contribute towards the development and education of their children. By having an experienced teacher devising these kits means there is educational purpose, experience and fun as a core building block of each kit.  


What are the requirements for a Little Art Big Art’s Creative Art Kit Hire? 

All options require:

  • A $50 refundable deposit. 

  • A signed Terms & Conditions form - You can find this in the Additional Info section when you book in. 

  • Upfront payment for the cycle option you choose. 

  • Kits are picked up and returned to the Little Art Big Art Studio. If you would like local delivery, an additional $10 cost applies for each delivery and/or pick up service. 

  • Our cycles commence on a Monday. Why? So the kits can be in a rotational cycle and returned on the one day to ensure a new kit is taken home. If you complete a full cycle and want to continue you can extend your cycle out, even our four week cycle.


* Don’t forget, the hire cost below absorbs the essential art materials fee which ranges between $10-$25 - this is not an additional fee but forms part of the borrowing fee.


What is the cost for a Little Art Big Art’s Creative Art Kit Hire? 

4 WEEK OPTION - $48 ($12 a week)

Kits are borrowed over a 4 week period. 


2 WEEK OPTION - $42 ($22 a week) 

Kits are borrowed over a 2 week period. 


ONCE OFF OPTION - $30 a week 

Kits can be borrowed for just one week. 


What kind of kits are there? 

Our kits are mainly Process Art kits but there are themes attached to each kit. Process Art is about exploring the application and way we create rather than creating something. This is important for all ages to learn first before they create things you and I recognise. Some of our themes include:

  • Easter 

  • Animals

  • Babies

  • Rainbows

  • Bugs

  • Underwater….plus more


Can I pick my own kit?  

You can, but it will depend on the availability of kits.

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