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Weekly classes for pre primary school children 5 years and under.

We offer 3 programs during the term for our Under 5's artists:

TINY ARTIST 1-5 years

PLAY GROUP 1-5 years


TINY ARTISTS 1-5 years     
Parents stay & co create.    
Monday, Thursday & Friday:
9:30am - 10:15am

Casual Booking $20

Term bookings discounted:

Term 2 pro rata please email us

Term 3: 10 weeks $165

*Free Tea and Coffee

Tiny Artists is a class for children aged 1 to 5 years that teaches families about the creative process, how to use a range of art materials and about colour, shape and texture. Various art stations are set up for you and your Tiny Artists to enjoy. Kids love paint and this makes up a key ingredient. In addition, artists will explore paint and print tools, various drawing mediums, sculpting construction, crafting materials, plus more! We encourage children to move between the activities at their own pace in order to enjoy the creative journey.

A range of art concepts secretly target various skill developments such as forming circles for the young ones or creating circular pattern work with the older kinder kids. Some activities may be a collaborative project between parent/guardian and child whilst others encourage independence and confidence. Just like school, some activities are repeated or presented in a different way to enhance learning and to allow for new discoveries. 


The Tiny Artist program is a great way to make new friends for both the children and parents/guardians. Social skills are enhanced as artists learn to share and negotiate, take turns, talk to each other and enjoy the company of others in a gentle and calming environment. It's a great program for quieter children to develop confidence in themselves as a learner and individual but also to develop the confidence and trust of others around them.  


Sessions also encourage a range of developmental skills:

Fine and gross motor development

Hand eye coordination

Spatial awareness skills

Social interaction and sharing skills


Experimenting and problem solving

PLAY GROUP 1-5 years

Pre Play Group 

Monday, Thursday & Friday:  9:00am - 9:30am

Post Play Group

Monday, Thursday & Friday: 10:15am - 10:45am

$5 per session

Bookings made when you place your Tiny Artists booking 

Little Art Big Art is excited to share our special studio space for Play Group!Playgroups provide children with pre-school experiences such as, art, craft and construction activities, sand and water play, adventure play, music and movement, books and stories etc, as well as the opportunity to socialise with other children. It is a chance for parents to meet new families in the area to also establish friendships and networks. 


Here are our Play Group options:

Pre art play group - play first and then enjoy our art activities.

Post art play group - join us for art first and then play after. 

Free tea and coffee included. 

KINDER ARTISTS 3 - 5 years

Drop Off

Thursday: 10:30am - 1:00pm

Term bookings only 

Term 2 pro rata please email us

Term 3: 10 weeks $165

The KINDER ARTIST Program is a 2.5 hour drop off session dedicated to ages 3-5yrs. The program is designed to nurture an understanding for the creative process and art creating whilst enhancing fine motor developmental skills, learning about letters and numbers through a natural and integrated art approach, learning about socialising and mindfullness - all key learning milestones that help prepare for schooling and friendship development.


Each week, our session includes

- Story Time

- Visual Art creating based on our book 

- Letter & Number creating

- Sensory & Creative art play

- Mindfullness Art

- Fruit snack time (parents to supply)


During our art session we will learn how to respond to the world we see, hear and read about. Artists will learn about colour mixing, shape and pattern creating, sculpting and construction, as well as extending our fine motor skills with threading and crafting activities. Drawing skills and colouring techniques will be enhanced while concentration and creative problem solving skills extended. Artists will also learn to discuss their artworks with each other as they work through mini art projects.


Sensory art involve activities that activates our senses, like exploring water beads and the concept of transferring, or making potions using citrus and herbs, or creating a painting to the sound of music. Our creative play is gently guided by our teachers and may include using props created from out art session or singing and dancing may be incorporated. Connections will be made to our story, letter and numbers.


Mindfullness is about being present and in the moment. It is about connecting with our emotions, thoughts and feelings.


Each session is carefully planned by highly qualified teacher's so be assured the skills being taught will encourage school readiness. 


At the end of the term, each KINDER ARTIST will bring home their special Art folio that houses their artworks!

  • An art, literacy and social skills program for 3-6 year olds!

    Started Jan 1, 1970

    Min of 3 participant

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  • An art, literacy and social skills program for 3-6 year olds!

    Starts Jul 18

    550 Australian dollars

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  • An art, literacy and social skills program for 3-6 year olds!

    Started Apr 18

    562.10 Australian dollars

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We offer classes for all ages and abilities!​ You can send the whole family!

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