This is a unique program exclusive to Little Art Big Art that combines three things children love: stories, sensory art and creative play! Our session begins with a story and introduces sensory art. Sensory art will range in tactile activities that assist in fine motor development and creative thinking through activating all the senses. Creative play engages children in role playing, sharing and socialising together. Throughout the session, Rachael will guide the children in their play encouraging sharing and playing together.  




  • Term 4: 11 weeks, 7th October - 20th December 

  • 40 minute teacher lead class 
  • Parent assistance may be required
  • Please adhere to class times. Teachers need preparation and clean up time, some classes run back to back. 
  • Casuals are welcome to take part in this program

  • Term Bookings welcome throughout the term (pro rata costs will apply after week 1).


Casual Class - Story + Creative & Sensory Art Play

Day & Time
Date you will attend
    • Classes will begin at the time frame advertised.
    • Early entry is not required as the sign in sheet only takes a few moments to complete. 
    • We have various workshops running throughout the day and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to class times. 
    • There are limited parks outside our studio, please look for 20 on the ground when parking. You will find excess parks in the Bunnings area. 
    • ADDRESS: 20 Lobelia Drive, Altona North, VIc 3025

CLASSES: Classes are operating online, some in studio classes have commenced

EVENTS: Parties and event bookings are open for booking!

RETAIL: Open to everyone!


Due to my online teaching schedule, the studio is open:

MONDAY'S : 9am-6pm 

TUESDAY'S : 9am-5pm

THURSDAY'S : 9am-5pm

FRIDAY'S : 1:30-3:00pm

Other times by appointment

20 Lobelia Drive, Altona North VIC 3025

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