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Weekly classes for Secondary School aged children and Adults.

We offer the following programs during the term:

TEEN ARTISTS 12 - 18 years


TEEN ARTISTS 12 - 18 years
Drop off
Thursday: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Term 3: 10 weeks

Term 2 bookings still accepted

Our Teens Program is split into two programs:
Visual Arts Mixed Media Term Program for 12-18 years (high school, unless we advance a student)
Adult & Teens Draw & Paint short courses for 16+ years. 

Visual Arts Mixed Media Program:
Our sessions are broken into two parts. Technique development and project development. 
Technique development will see artists engage in a series of drawing & painting techniques based on different subject matter. This practice will allow individuals to explore and develop their own drawing and paint style and strengthen technical skills and applications whilst having lots of experimental fun along the way.
The learning gained through drawing and paint prompts along with the exposure to varied art mediums will provide a platform for artists to develop a term based project (or two) that is driven from their interests and subject choice. During each art session, we want you to carve your own artistic expression and develop a personal skill set and style to further yourself as the young budding artist you always imagined yourself to be.
Throughout each session individual styles and technique will be mentored to ensure each artist can achieve a greater concept and experience of making art. We want you to be playful, get your hands dirty with expressive and experimental art practices whilst having fun and loosening up all the creative juices from your mind to your fingertips. 
Make sure you wear appropriate clothing for a painting/drawing class! We will be working with charcoal, paint, inks and more so we may get messy. You are welcome to also bring along any of your own materials and projects to assist with school and personal projects.


18+ years

All Abilities 

Monday: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Term 3: 10 weeks

We offer classes for all ages and abilities!​ You can send the whole family!

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